Over the course of our first year as DeathWish NFT and the entirety of the DeathWish 365 project, we have alluded to the big happenings for 2023, and you've patiently waited.

So, without further ado, allow us to cut to the chase and officially announce...

Collection Overview

DeathWish Trading Cards is a new ERC-721 collection coming in 2023 that expands the collectibility of the beloved DeathWish 365 artwork by featuring them in a new and dynamic card-inspired format, delivering a constantly evolving web3 experience.

Each DeathWish Trading Card (DTC) is based off one of the original DW365 NFTs, featuring its artwork and additional metadata elements to create distinct collectibles. 

There will be 365 core card types (one for each DW365), but multiple copies of each type, with additional variations through special treatments, metadata, and Prestige Status rarity.

Cards will be minted in Booster Packs of 5 cards each for a single price, rather than as singular NFTs. These packs will themselves be tradeable, or can be opened at any time.

(Example: David mints 4 Booster Packs on launch day and immediately opens 3 of them to receive his first 15 randomly distributed DTC NFTs and lists the remaining pack for sale on the secondary market.)

Additional details on mint price, quantity, timing, and more will be revealed at a later date.

Project Details

In addition to providing an excellent means to collect a year's worth of dedicated skull art from Steve Tenebrini, the DeathWish Trading Cards project will offer an ever-evolving suite of rewards, benefits, and utilities to its community.

The DeathWish Trading Cards will become the new centerpiece of the DeathWish NFT ecosystem and the primary token for all activities, events, and mechanics going forward.

By offering dynamic and updateable NFTs, your collection of DeathWish Trading Cards will continue to evolve and gain new features as the project develops. We have several plans for innovative ways to use these tokens, and we are excited to reveal more in the future.

Owning DeathWish Trading Cards will be the only way to participate in everything that we offer going forward, as we scale our offerings from an audience of hundreds to thousands.

Legacy Holder Benefits / Royalties

At the time of mint, current DeathWish 365 holders will be airdropped 1 pristine edition of their corresponding DeathWish Trading Card shortly before the mint goes public.

Naturally, all DW365 holders will automatically be allowlisted for the mint.

In addition, DW365 holders will receive ETH deposits to their wallets based on a substantial portion of all royalties collected for their relative DTC tokens. Those who are holding more tokens, or tokens with higher trade volume will receive larger deposits.

(Example: If DTC-124 is sold, the holder of DW365-124 will automatically receive a portion of the transaction royalties in ETH deposited to their wallet.)

More details on this structure will be revealed closer to project launch.

Candles / Prestige Status / Rarity

Before the release of the DTC mint, we will launch a Candles Ritual process that will allow holders of DeathWish Candles to consume their Candle NFTs and determine the prestige of their favorite skulls within the DTC collection.

Through each ritual, one Candle will be burned (permanently destroyed) and a chosen DW365 will be granted a Prestige Status relative to the type of Candle that was used.

Prestige Status of a DeathWish Trading Card NFT determines both its aesthetic treatment, and its overall rarity within the collection as a whole. There are five different Prestige Status ranks, with the upper tiers dictated by the Candle Ritual process.

Prestige Status Quantity Method
Mythic 5 Rare Candle Ritual
Epic 15 Odd Candle Ritual
Rare 30 Candle Ritual
Uncommon 90 Randomly Chosen
Common 225 Remainder

This opportunity will be available for a limited time only, leading up to the DTC mint. In the event that there some candles are not used in rituals before the mint, random skulls will be chosen to receive the unclaimed Prestige Status.

Further details on this process and release timing will be revealed at a future date.

What About Steve? More New Art?

After a year of producing unique 1/1 skulls every single day, Steve Tenebrini will bring a close to his DeathWish 365 creations; as always intended, there will only ever be 365 of those laboriously crafted one-a-day skulls.

However, he will maintain a new daily routine we are tentatively calling Tenebrini 365.

Inspired by artists like Beeple and Cats Will Eat You, this new outlet will deliver one piece of daily art in a variety of unconstrained formats. Whether they are small drawings, digital artworks, or screen-pressed monoprints and posters, the repetoir of art he delivers will be as consistent as ever, but far more expansive.

For DEATHWISH NFT fans and holders, this will mean new airdrops, mints, and more that will be folded into the project — his love of skulls is going nowhere, and he will continue to create new works under that umbrella.

Many of the T365 creations will be directly associated with DEATHWISH project initiatives.

However, not everything produced under Tenebrini 365 will be applicable to an NFT mint. Some of it will just be weird experiments, or simple doodles just for the sheer enjoyment. Though, the truest constant will be consistent new art from one of the most dedicated creators in all of web3.

We're excited to see what develops, and where the journey of dedicated artistry takes us.

Wen? More? Want!!

We know that there's a lot of questions bout DeathWish Trading Cards that you may be anxious to have answered. Over the next few weeks we will continue divulging info and clarifying details through Twitter Spaces and discussion in our Discord.

Join us as we close the year in tremendous celebration as our last DeathWish 365 tokens are created, and we transition to our exciting plans for the new year!

If you've never been part of the DeathFam, there's no better time than now. 💀🖤⚡