Boasting a versatile range of styles, forms, traits, and expressions, DEATHWISH 365 is a year-long series of daily 1/1 skull NFTs by artist Steve Tenebrini, available on the Ethereum blockchain

After years providing screen printed gig posters for notable rock bands like Queens of the Stone Age, The Black Crowes, Def Leppard, Kings of Leon and more; Steve Tenebrini began experimenting with a skull-like visage he created in 2007 for a HELMET concert. The skull would become one of his best-selling images, being applied to stickers, skateboards, and sketchbooks over the proceeding years.

The experiment evolved into an exploration of variety with the skull as centerpiece. Using a chaotic assortment of ink layers through the screenprinting process, eventually assortments of highly unique prints were created; no two ever being the same. This process yielded a genesis series of 30 one-of-a-kind prints that sold out through the art collective Squad 19.

After being introduced to the world of NFTs, Steve returned to the skull to create a limited edition genesis piece on Tezos blockchain through HEN. When time came to approach Ethereum and OpenSea in the dusk of 2021, a new idea began to form from the pages of his late December sketchbook.

Highly characterized and distinct skull illustrations had begun taking on a life of their own, generated from an unexplainably strong compulsion to keep drawing more of them.

Thus, starting at the first of the year, Steve resolved to take the concepts of uniformity and variety that had made the HELMET project a success, and apply them to an exercise in determination - he would make a brand new skull every day.

One part challenge to himself, and one part learning exercise, this was the mission that would become the DEATHWISH 365 collection of daily hand-made pieces.

You are now invited to join this artistic journey by joining the DeathWish community and watching the daily process as the art is created, as well as have an opportunity to own a piece of it by collecting the NFTs on OpenSea. Please come with us on this year-long journey full of surprises, artistic exploration, and (of course) skulls.

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