How Do I Get One?

The skulls are made daily and released on OpenSea as soon as they are finished. There is no whitelist or mint page, and no fixed time of drop. They are simply released, and go to the first buyer. Previews in the Discord are the only advanced notice toward release.

Beyond a method of patience and determination, there is a healthy secondary market.

What Do They Cost?

New skulls are released daily on OpenSea via 24hr auction.

Due to the limited supply, prices on the secondary market can vary greatly.

Sellers pay a 10% royalty when their listings sell.

What Benefits Do Holders Get?

In addition to owning fantastic 1/1 artwork and being part of the  DeathFam Community, every 10 pieces sold we offer rewards for our holders, ranging from merch giveaways for all owners, NFT and swag raffles, new collection airdrops, and a ton more.

All past and immediately upcoming rewards are listed in Discord.

Is There Anything Else?

Atop the routine community rewards, individuals who buy skulls as primary sales  can claim a virtual currency within the Discord called Cryptickets that can be used to redeem a variety of rewards including DEATHWISH Sketchbook NFTs, reservations on newly releasing skulls, merch discounts, and more!

We also have a DEATHWISH Extras collection which includes free claims, airdrops, and special celebration pieces of various sorts. There's constantly new creations being developed including collaborations, special editions, and fun experiments to be found there.

See full details of the system and the rewards in Discord.

What's Coming Next?

We will also be launching a new collection in 2023 with substantially higher supply and a lower cost. These forthcoming NFTs will have a clear connection to DEATHWISH 365, and skull owners will receive a portion of secondary royalties from this new collection.

More details will be revealed at a later date.

What Rights Do Owners Have?

Owners of all DeathWish NFT collections have full art reproduction license, so long as they retain ownership of their NFT. This means that you have unlimited license to print posters, shirts, or other materials with your NFT artworks on it; but you cannot sell such items.

In addition, owners have unlimited license to remix, edit, or transform their NFT artworks, but cannot sell any derivatives as NFTs or otherwise.

Similarly, owners don't have license to the DeathWish NFT branding, logo, name, slogans, or other material that identifies this project, beyond the artwork within the NFT.

Who's Running This Show?


Artist - Steve Tenebrini (tenebrini.eth)

Lifelong artist who has made illustrations and gig posters for some of the biggest rock bands on the planet, as well as award-winning design and art direction for global brands like Harley-Davidson and Indian Motorcycles.

Now he draws a skull every single day.


Producer / Dev - King Offling  (deathwishdev.eth)

Once a semi-respectable game developer that thought it might be cute to buy a jpeg. Now, a degenerate storing his life savings in Doodle derivatives while moderating Discords full-time for magic internet money.

Invests in art as a hedge against his own reality. Lousy programmer.


Manager / Director - Shenebrini (facciabella.eth)

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