While we believe first and foremost that art is utility, we enjoy delivering a wide-range of benefits to our holders as an appreciation for their patronage. That's why every 10 pieces sold in this collection unlocks a new community reward.

Prior Rewards

Past community rewards have included fifty airdrops of the DEATHWISH Candles, a variety of merch giveaways to all holders, NFT and swag raffles, a Metaverse Art Show offering our holders Free Decentraland Wearables, some charity donation, and more!

Find a list of all past and future holder rewards in the Discord.

Special Events


DEATHWISH Collabs is a collection featuring high-profile guest artists delivering their rendition of the one-day skull that was launched in mid-April. Artists will be added to the collaboration project throughout the rest of the year, as schedules permit.

Eric Karbeling April 20th DWC-001
LunchPipe May 9th DWC-002
Tim Jacobus May 21st DWC-003
KREEPTURE June 4th DWC-004
Paul Takita June 15th DWC-005
TokBLOK July 4th DWC-006
HaoGoodMan July 18th DWC-007
Jason Naylor July 27th DWC-008
???????? August 9th DWC-009

Stay tuned to the Discord for all the latest announcements.


DEATHWISH held its first IRL event on June 21st in Brooklyn during NFT NYC alongside several other collections and independent artists as well as the local skateboarding community and musical acts.

Details for future events will be revealed in the 
Discord as it approaches.


On June 15th, the first 24hr DeathWish Art Challenge was hosted, offering the entire community an opportunity to create their own rendition of the one-day skull in a competition that would see the winner minted as an official collaborator on the DEATHWISH Collabs collection, receiving all the roles and revenues associated with it. Out of 25 entries, one was chosen as winner and minted as DWC-005 within the collection.

Future contests may occur. Stay tuned to the Discord for announcements.

The Future


Near the end of the year, DEATHWISH Candles will have an exciting utility interaction with DEATHWISH 365 skulls. They will be used together to produce something new and unique to the skull that the Candle is used on. There will also be some difference in what is produced, based on the type of candle used. This process will destroy the Candle as it is used.

More details will be revealed at a later date.

2023 and Beyond

In addition to all of this, we intend to release a new collection in 2023 with substantially higher supply and a lower cost. These forthcoming NFTs will have a clear connection to the DEATHWISH 365 skulls, and their owners will receive a portion of secondary royalties from this new collection.

More details will be revealed at a later date.