Throughout August 2022, holders of DEATHWISH 365 NFTs will be able to enter a raffle for some spectacular prizes using the Cryptickets system in the Discord.

Entries can be purchased for 4,000 Cryptickets each.

For every new skull purchased from DeathWishNFT_Mint on OpenSea, buyers will receive 1,000 Cryptickets for every 0.1 ETH spent on their purchase which can be used for a variety of rewards within the Discord.

Purchase New Skulls

Once collected, holders should visit the Discord and redeem their entries.




Every DEATHWISH Collabs Skull

The grand prize winner of the Holders Raffle will receive one each of every ERC-1155 NFT in the DEATHWISH Collabs collection from DWC-001 to DWC-010

2nd + 3rd Prize:

$200 Merch Store Credit

The second and third prize winners of the Holders Raffle will each receive a voucher for the Merch Store valued at $200 that can be used to get prints, skateboards, shirts, and more!

4th + 5th Prize:

DWP NFT + Physical Print

The fourth and fifth prize winners of the Holders Raffle will each receive a unique, hand-made DEATHWISH Prints NFT along with a physical monoprint of their piece.


Winners will be selected during a livestream in the Discord on August 31 at 9PM EST, and all entrants will be notified in a post featured in the Announcements channel of the Discord.

Entrants may purchase multiple entries to the draw and win multiple prizes.

Each winning ticket can win a maximum of one prize.

Prizes will be drawn in ascending order, with the Grand Prize being drawn last.

If you have questions, please ask within the Discord or contact @deathwishnft on Twitter.